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I see a lot of couples.

I see a lot of different problems.

While the issues each couple has are unique, chances are the issues you are facing share some similar underlying patterns with problems I have encountered and treated before.



Working with couples and what has driven them apart is not a pursuit that can be undertaken lightly.  For each week that goes by that things aren’t getting better, chances are they are getting worse.  The airplane that is your relationship is losing altitude.  A sure set of hands on the controls is a necessity.  It is important to have a therapist that knows what to look for without wasting time, and isn’t afraid to direct the couple to change, right then and there.  Sometimes this requires challenging you even when you think you’re the one in the right.  But most of all, it requires the therapist to know the tools that will help under what circumstances.


And there are a lot of possible circumstances.  Think of it like trying to play a game of football.  If you try to use the same limited playbook against every opponent, it’s probably not going to work equally-well against everyone.  You need to know which plays are likely to work in a given situation.  There are a lot of different playbooks in couples therapy.  If someone tells you that one playbook works for everyone, you shouldn’t trust them.  The therapist needs to recognize the formation, know what’s going to have a better chance of working, and act assuredly.


What TCC promises is that you will have a therapist that has a wealth of tools available, and the wisdom to know when to use the right tool.


I am invested in your well-being, and for the vision you have for your future, your life, to succeed.  Your case isn’t just filed away, only to be pulled out the minute you walk in for your appointment.  Care is taken outside of your sessions to think about your concerns and to make sure your issues are getting the attention they deserve.  This is not a “one size fits all” experience.

Same Sex Male Couple
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