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Specializing in working with couples and relationships.  That’s the one purpose Tuscaloosa Couples Clinic is here for.
Whether your relationship is in crisis, or you want to head off problems before they get big, it’s important to address problems right away.  You got into a relationship because you wanted to be happy, but if you’re here, chances are you’re not as happy with it as you think you could be.  That’s okay.  There are ways to fix most relationships, even if the problems are making you lose hope.


Here are some of the many issues that are common:

  • Frequent arguing stemming from trivial things

  • Parenting attitude differences

  • Inability to have productive discussions

  • Your partner seems colder towards you than they used to be

  • Financial attitude differences

  • Infidelity

  • Feeling like you've lost the romance you used to have

  • Life events that have put stress on your relationship

  • In-laws meddling in the relationship


Guided by experienced couples therapist Brian Monroe, Ph.D.,  you can learn to interact with your partner in new ways, that break the unsuccessful cycle you’ve been stuck in for a while, or that you worry you’re headed for.

This is the right place to build a stronger, more resilient relationship.  To grow as an individual and as a couple into who you can be.  And to reclaim your happiness.


Start improving your relationship today.

Get the intimacy you want.

(Downtown Tuscaloosa)
2810 8th St.
Tuscaloosa, AL 35401
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